Management of Hip Conditions (Webinar)


By popular demand we bring you Management of Hip Conditions, an essential webinar for all therapists. Find out about the factors that cause hip pain and the correct management of hip conditions.

Even if you have been in the massage business a long time, let’s brush-up your skills. Or, if you are fairly new to the industry, this webinar will give you the knowledge you need to form good practice habits and techniques right from the start.

Learning outcomes from this webinar:

  • Understand hip conditions and the contributing factors
  • Learn assessment techniques and management of hip pain
  • Empower yourself with knowledge that is evidence-based
  • Develop confidence, learn the correct language and how to provide good quality information to your clients


Management of Hip Conditions is a webinar specifically created for massage practitioners, manual therapists and myotherapists.

Many clients come into the clinic with hip pain – how do you know which category they fall into? What are the indications that they require referral? What are the most common conditions associated with hip pain? Whether it is a diagnosed pathology, or pain that “comes and goes” there can sometimes be a misconception around what is going on. The solution is an evidence-based approach, so you can be sure you know the best treatment or advice to help manage their hip condition.

Aran explains where biomechanics and function meet the broader factors that influence pain.  The human body is complex and unique, so understanding that you can’t just assess, treat and manage hip pain exactly the same way for every client, can be a challenge. This webinar will give you guidance on whether or not a massage approach will be appropriate, or when it will be important to involve other practitioners to provide the best care for your clients.

So, if you have always found the hip to be an enigma, we can help you to dissect this subject with some practical knowledge on managing hip pain, that is backed by science.

What is covered in the webinar:

  • Who is affected by hip pain?
  • Four main types of hip pathologies
  • Common injuries found in the hip
  • Biopsychosocial factors that impact musculoskeletal pain
  • Hip conditions that may present as referred pain
  • Clinical examination and special testing for hip conditions
  • Guidelines for good hip joint care

You will receive:

  • Access to Webinar: Management of Hip Conditions (unlimited access)
  • Video webinar presented by Aran Bright (17+ years clinical experience)
  • Slides to view outlining the webinar
  • Certificate of Completion for your records
  • You may be eligible to claim CPD/CPE Points for this webinar, please contact your Association for more information.

Length of Webinar = 45 minutes

Study time = 1 hour

All of our courses and webinars are designed by practitioners and industry educators, with your specific needs in mind!

About your presenter – Aran Bright

“The massage industry is currently going through a significant transition period, we are becoming a better recognised profession in healthcare. This means that we all need to lift our game and do our best to increase our knowledge as healthcare professionals. It is my intention to share high quality information, so as massage practitioners we can work alongside other health professionals and do our best for our clients and our business.”

Aran is our lead course presenter here at Bright Health Training. He holds the following qualifications: B. Health Science (Musculoskeletal Therapy), Adv Dip. Myotherapy, Dip. Remedial Massage, Grad Cert. Sports Coaching, Cert IV Personal Training and is a member with ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association). Aran started working as a massage therapist in 2003 and has been teaching at both tertiary and vocational education training level since 2008. His clinical experience has given him a wealth of knowledge, having worked in a wide variety of environments including elite sport, hospitals, corporate sector and private clinical practice.

Aran continues to work with education providers teaching and creating courses in health and fitness, myotherapy and massage. He is also part of the national “Massage Therapy Technical Advisory Committee” working with a team of industry representatives, reviewing the Diploma and scoping out a new Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage.

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