CPE Training for Remedial Massage Therapists

Remedial Massage Therapy is the modern field of manual therapy focussed on soft tissue management and health. Drawing on a large number of fields of manual therapy and exercise it has become an important part of the healthcare industry in Australia, with an ever increasing number of Australians accessing Remedial Massage services right across the country.

The landscape of the Australian massage industry is ever changing. One of the biggest challenges you will face as a remedial massage therapist is to continue to learn and grow whilst looking after yourself as well as your clients or patients.

Being practitioners ourselves, we understand continuing professional development is an essential part of being a successful therapist.

We created Bright Health Training to share information with professionals, like you. We hope to promote the growth of individual practitioners, the profession as a whole and build a dedicated community online.

If you are looking for support along your journey as a Therapist you have come to the right place! We hope to be your source of information and provide guidelines for ethical practice. We are as dedicated to the profession as you are.

CPE Training Courses on Offer

Therapist Care and Conditioning 1 – An Introduction to Physical Conditioning is our first course, but we are developing new topics all the time. We felt that burnout was a very real problem in the industry and wanted to share some essential skills to help you avoid injury and get the minimum physical conditioning you need to do your job. You can read all about the details in our online shop.

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