Table Talk 4 - Presentation

Table Talk #4 – AMT Presentation: Is Pain Science Really a Pain for Massage Therapists?

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Bright Health Training is pleased to share with you Aran Bright’s plenary talk at the Association of Massage Therapist’s 2017 National Conference.

This presentation is a must see and helps to put the complexities of pain science into context for massage therapists. Aran reviews the science surrounding low back pain management and where massage fits within the research from recent years. It touches on topics such as yoga and pilates for low back pain and shows how effective opioid medication is for chronic pain. You may be surprised (or not) to discover that the science is very clear, the best strategies for managing chronic pain are not medical.

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To be clear, we are certainly not suggesting that having care from a doctor is a bad thing in any way, but instead, the medical profession are actually directing healthcare workers to consider active exercise and psychologically driven therapies for long term low back pain… and this includes massage!

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If you have read any of our material at Bright Health Training you may notice that we highlight the need to consider the client or patient from a broader perspective than just biomechanics and posture. This presentation outlines why this is so important and what factors really matter when it comes to managing difficult ongoing pain…and it isn’t the position of the pelvis.

So please take the time to “listen in” to this webinar as there are some very important findings in recent research that are invaluable for both therapists and clients.

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  1. Thanks a lot. This post is not only helpful for the technical people but is also important for people suffering from any kind of pain. With the help of this post, we can make up our mind and move towards bit of improvement.

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