Table Talk #12 – The Future is in Your Hands

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We wanted to share some new developments in the education space, for Remedial Massage Therapists. This exciting update was  uncovered at the recent AMT virtual conference.

Therapists with a Diploma of Remedial Massage will soon be able to upgrade their skills and have the opportunity to study “Pain Neuroscience.” Aran Bright has been part of the Technical Advisory Committee in the last year, involved with developing the new unit of competency. The new skills-set is not a stand-alone qualification, yet designed for therapists who wish to learn evidence-based skills and improve their professional standards. Ultimately, the aim is to provide a critical update on pain management, for the massage industry.

If you are happy plodding along, you may wonder why is this remotely relevant if you already have a Diploma? Well, please take a minute to reflect on your practice – are you curious about any of the following?

  • How clients really experience pain
  • Basic assessment of neural symptoms
  • Why acute and chronic pain is different
  • Nocebo v’s placebo
  • Biopsychosocial contributors to pain
  • Why a client centred approach is important

For more information you can check out the unit currently in the pipeline (due to approved soon, maybe even this year). 

Unit of competency: HLTMSG016 Understanding the Principles of Pain Neuroscience (draft)

We truly hope that the unit will be offered in the Diploma curriculum in the near future. Once rolled out, this unit of study can potentially be delivered by RTO’s who have trainers with that same skillset. 

It is time to embrace what the future of massage will look like and make those “old theories” a thing of the past. Just because a particular method has been practiced the same way for several years, does NOT make it effective and ethical. 

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it… is to keep an open mind, keep developing your skills and keep being awesome.

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Best wishes!

Bright Health Training Team

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