Interactive, Interesting and Useful

“Aran’s workshop was interactive, interesting and useful. So many therapists I know have injuries or aches and pains; they often care for others well, but neglect themselves. It was therefore very welcome to have a professional development session that focused on physical self-care. This workshop had a focus that could extend not to caring for ourselves, but also to exercises that could be useful for clients. Aran’s session had something for everyone; he spoke at a level that relaxation, remedial therapists and myotherapists could all understand and gain something from. He’s up to date with the latest research and evidence, and he translates that into an easily absorbable format that kept my attention.” – Sue (Workshop Participant)

Loved Aran’s Ability to Demonstrate

“Aran was open to all comments and generous with praise. I enjoyed the practical aspects as this movement work is easy to implement and layer onto my current knowledge.” “Loved, loved, loved Aran’s ability to demonstrate the exercises & how they translate in real life examples. For me it cements the knowledge in my mind.” – AAMT Workshop Participants

Great Knowledge

“As a former student of Aran’s, it was great to have him again as a teacher. He explains things clearly, and it’s obvious he has great knowledge and passion for what he’s talking about.” – Kat

Powerful Tools

“As massage therapists we have very short training and then go to work in isolation, (in a clinic). So to see how another professional actually treats, or uses posture in treating, is one of the most powerful tools.” – Paul

Highly Recommended

“… a must for all practitioners, new or experienced. We forget to maintain ourselves when the focus is so much on the client. Bright Health Training offers a step by step approach to teach you strong foundations to work from… to maintain correct and efficient work posture for the manual therapist. I highly recommend it!” – Allie

Very Beneficial

“I found the course (Therapist Care and Conditioning 1) easy to follow, the exercises and the rationale behind why to use them is very beneficial as a new therapist.” – Kate